Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), also called Solution-Focused Therapy, is a method of therapy that allows you to focus on the solution rather than the problem. Our professional therapists, Michael Ring and Tom Letson are trained therapists who provide Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help individuals focus on the positivity in their life, and build on success rather than discussing past problems.

Taking the first step in focusing on the solution is simple. Call us at (732) 817-0103 or send us a note on our Contact Us page. All conversations and consultations are 100 percent confidential.

SFBT Techniques:

Our professional therapists will ask you very specific questions in order to guide the session and quickly identify solutions and skills in your life. These questions will reveal the skills that you already have in order to create change in your life. After these skills are identified, we can help you clarify, hone them in order to manage life’s hurdles.

Basic Concepts of Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • The client is the expert
  • Define individual goals
  • Focus on the future, not the history
  • Emphasis on what is possible and changeable
  • Client wants change
  • Short term
How does it work?

By focusing on small successes, SFBT therapy helps you to become more hopeful about yourself and your life. By first identifying and then repeating successful behaviors, this method can be very effective in making quick changes in your own life. Often, this method words best for individuals who are not very good at expressing themselves or not comfortable discussing past problems.

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