Life Coaching

Are you looking for direction? Goals? Action? You may be looking for a life coach. Our professional life coach is certified to provide an individualized plan of action for you to achieve your dreams. Our life coach is there to keep you focused, driven, and motivated to maximize your potential. Contact us today at (732) 817-0103 to start seeing results in both your professional and personal life.

What is Life Coaching? Every choice you make has an effect on your life. What you choose to do (and choose not to do) makes a difference. Life coaching helps you to learn how to make the best choices that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Coaching vs. Counseling: A life coach and a counselor are similar, but provide very different methods of support. Both coaches and counselors strive to create a partnership towards achieving your goals. Both establish completely confidential relationships that are bound by both ethics and governing body laws. However, some of the processes are entirely different.

A Life Coach
  • Defines goals and focuses on reaching them
  • Moves people from functional to highly functional
  • Holds the client accountable for progress
  • Provides structure, encouragement and support
  • Focus is on maximizing health
  • More broad focus on the origin of problems
  • Best for serious mental and emotional problems
  • Moves people from dysfunctional to functioning
  • Diagnose and provide expertise
  • Focus is on healing

One way to determine if you need a coach or a counselor is to visit us and discuss your goals with our team. We provide both life coaching and mental health counseling services in one place to give you a well-rounded approach to meeting your goals. You can contact us at (732) 817-0103 or leave us a note on the Contact Us page. We focus on providing you a safe and inviting environment so you can get the guidance, help, or motivation you need to have a happy, fulfilling, and successful life.