Bullying Intervention

Years ago, bullying consisted of a rude comment in the school yard. Today, cyber-bullying can be a non-stop terrorizing reality that provides a public platform for children to become victim to ongoing ridicule, teasing, gossip, and mockery. Turn on any local news channel and you are likely to hear a story of bullying, cyber-bulling, or violence in schools across the country.

Both victims of bullying and bullies themselves may benefit from a safe environment to express themselves in counseling or therapy. Our Anti-Bullying Specialist, Tom Letson, works as a high school crisis counselor with over 15 years of experience counseling parents and students about school bullying. His specialty is empowering victims to take back control and bolster self-esteem.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1 in 3 students in the United States say they have been bullied at school. When left un-addressed, bullying today has led to suicide, violence, or serious legal consequences for both children and adults. Contact us at (732) 817-0103 or through the Contact Us page to put an end to bullying.

For Victims:

Being a victim of bullying can destroy a young person’s self-worth. Being bullied can create anger, shame, anxiety, and isolation. Giving victims a voice through therapy can help them notice, share, and process painful feelings so they do not carry these challenges with them into adulthood.

Some victims of bullying benefit from support groups or group therapy where they can meet and relate to other kids in similar situations through support.

For Bullies:

The only effective way to stop bullying is to stop bullies. People who bully are often angry, defensive, and reluctant to talking about their behavior openly. We work with both adolescents and adults to work through this behavior in order to address the underlying reason that contributed to the bullying behavior. Bullies may be have unresolved personal wounds, identity problems, or social issues that can be addressed and solved in an effort to eliminate bullying completely. Through therapy, bullies can acknowledge their feelings, understand the impact of their actions, and learn new skills for communicating positively.

For more information, please visit Tom’s Web site at http://www.bullystoppers.com/

Contact us at 732-817-0103, or send Mike a message on our Contact Us page.